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Benefits SmartAdminManager


With this office management software, you are integrating most of the office tasks, automate office functions, and ultimately managing your projects and employees in a professional manner. It lets you plan your work, track the project progress, provide project status reports, reduce the cost of operations, and help you to take right decisions. This application make the right employees working on the right projects; see which all employees are productive, and ensure the optimum utilization of resources. It automates and streamlines manual tasks, increases profitability, enhances client/employee satisfaction, optimizes your work flow, and overall improves the working environment. It performs all the functions of Management as given below;

Planning Organizing
Set up Project Objectives Allocate Tasks Optimally
Estimate Tasks Organize Project Documents
Pool Resources Delegate Tasks
Cost Activities  
Leading Controlling
Communicate with Team Members Track Task Progress
Decide Faster with the Organized Info Compare Progress Against Plan
Monitor Productivity Audit Project Activities
Alert Team Members on Tasks Achieve Higher RoI