The Project Management Software provides options to pull out reports as needed related to invoice, payroll, projects ad more. For example, user can define the required field, and can export data related to the same. The customized reports can be set up as well for periodical needs. Advanced filter options are available to create real time customized reports. You can save reports and can be emailed as well as printed.

A few of the reports as follows:-

  • Employee performance reports
  • Invoice data
  • Project status reports
  • Timesheet reports
  • Salary statement
  • Income statement


The Time Sheet software is one among the prime tools tool used in team and project management. Timesheet software and attendance management system serve the dual purpose of letting one know the work time as well as the hours spent on each of the projects. The team members are allowed to enter their work time against the task allocated in the Timesheet Software. Also, all members are required to log in to the time sheet in the beginning of day and need to log out by end of the day. By summing up the hours spent on each of the tasks, the Project Manager can arrive at the total hours clocked for a project. With this data, time charts are prepared for a better performance analysis. The time charts as generated in the attendance management system help to measure performance of team members, and also gives an indication of hours need to complete a task.

The timesheet features are as given below -

  • Allows members entering log–in and log-out time
  • Allows members entering time spent on each task
  • Calculate employee performance against target
  • Review multiple scenarios and create schedules to meet objectives
  • Track project hours
  • Track unproductive hours of team members
  • Tracks employee attendance, and leave