Outstanding Features

Quick Overview of SmartAdmin Features

Project Summary

The Project Summary provides a quick overview of projects both under discussion and running projects. At one glance, the Project Manager/Team Members can review the real time status of each of the tasks. This Project Management Software provides detailed information about the number of hours allocated for each task, number of hours spent, expected date of delivery, and utilization of resources, Thus, the real time info of projects as provided in the Project Tracker helps the Project Manager to take faster decisions without going through group meetings, and reviewing various project emails/reports. The Project Summary page includes the navigation option to perform deep review of all projects one by one. The Summary page can be customized per user needs by letting you add graphs as needed.

Tasks Management

A task is considered as a unit of work in a project, or alternatively one can say that the combination of various tasks result in a project. It is the creative and intuitive skill of a project manager which helps in setting up smallest manageable unit of work known as task. Once the tasks are set up, the project managers get data from each task as it progresses.Thereafter, the project manager can manage the project using rational and analytic logic using such data which is the key to the successful project management. The project manager can allocate hours for each of the tasks with specific instruction in the task tracker. Further, each task can be assigned to more members in this task management software based on the project priority. The task allocation feature lets the Project Manager to assign task for specified hours, and it allows Project Manager to take full control of activities of the team.

Task management allows users to

  • Add tasks quickly
  • Set up task estimate
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Allow team members to understand objectives
  • Create recurring tasks
  • Define Begin and End time
  • Enter hours within the defined range
  • Monitor task progress
  • Prioritize tasks
  • View the status of every task at any time

Time Sheet

The timesheet is one among the prime tools used in project management. It serves the dual purpose of letting one know the work time as well as a time tracker to capture the hours spent on each of the projects. The team members are allowed to enter their work time against the task allocated. Also, all members are required to log in at the beginning of day and need to log out by end of the day. By summing up the hours spent on each of the tasks, the Project Manager can arrive at the total hours clocked for a project. The time charts in this attendance management system give an indication of hours need to complete a task as well.

The timesheet features are as given below -

  • Allows members entering log-in and log-out time
  • Allows members entering time spent on each task
  • Calculate employees contribution against target
  • Review multiple scenarios and create schedules to meet objectives
  • Track project hours
  • Track unproductive hours of team members
  • Tracks employee attendance, and leave

Team Management

Team Management includes assessing the availability of team members; communicate with team members, and monitoring the project progress. With the availability of real time information, the Project Manager will be able to make adjustment quickly to achieve optimum utilization of resources. The Project Manager can send messages to team members and options are available for

  • Attaching files, pictures and videos
  • Archive & organize messages
  • Email integration with other mail boxes


The performance of each employee can be measured against the target set with the help of timesheet. If the terms of the employment allows employee to work against meeting certain revenue target then the corresponding time sheet option needs to be selected. Thus, end of every month the performance will be measured against the result in tune with the target. This gives an option to set up Performance Appraisal System using the various tools of SmartAdmin. The periodical performance can be measured against such pre-defined metrics, and the employees can be rewarded or can be allocated required training to meet the organizational objectives as part of Performance Management.


The time sheet is integrated with the project tasks, and ultimately the data will work as an input for the invoice. The invoicing option source relevant data from each project and allows the Project Manager to bill the clients against the agreed terms. The billing can be done on hourly basis or based on a fixed amount. The invoicing option allows listing out open invoices/paid invoices, and sends reminders on a pre-scheduled basis. Options are available to customize invoices and send email invoices as well as print invoices.


The basic data associated with each of the employees along with the log in information help to prepare the wage bill of a month. There are options to add mandatory deductions based on the local laws. Also, the employees have the option to review the salary calculation and confirm the accuracy before disbursing the amount. Once the payment is completed, employees can download their pay slips and can organize data for their tax and saving purpose for a year.


There are options to pull out reports as needed. For example, user can define the required field, and can export data related to the same. The customized reports can be set up as well for periodical needs. Advanced filter options are available to create real time customized reports. You can save reports and can be emailed as well as printed.

A few of the reports are as follows:-

  • Employee performance reports
  • Invoice data
  • Project status reports
  • Timesheet reports
  • Salary statement
  • Income statement

Mobile Applications

The users can stay connected as and when needed by using their mobile applications and in control of their projects at any time. It keeps your team and Project Manager working together, even on the go. The application is available on your iPhone, Android smartphone and iPad. The mobile app ensures that you do not miss even a single project update. The mobile application is set up in progressive web applications and hence no need to download separately from Google.